Cocktail Audio X10 , the Ultimate gift for Music Lovers


It’s the perfect gift for techy music lovers that are currently in a Cd/ cassette/ smartphone/ tablet chaotic mess!

Starting at £379.95 (including VAT and free delivery) the Cocktail Audio X10 is one to save up for, but you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it once you get your hands on one!  For more info

1. Revolutionary Hi-Fi Component, CD storage & Music Streamer

Cocktail Audio X10 is a HI-FI audio system with a CD storage and a media streamer.

X10 can play audio CDs just like any ordinary CD player as well as having amazing features such as Hi-Fi CD storage with a database, music streaming, internet radio, networking, smart phone support & much more. Load all your CD collection onto the X10, which will enable instant access to any or your repertoire.

2. More than a HiFi device

X10 has a high speed frontal sliding optical drive with internal storage to load all your CD collection.

It also has a high quality 60W amplifier, which delivers great sound through any speakers.

X10 measures 18cm (w) X 14.7cm (d) X 9.8cm (h), small enough to fit into any space.

Its simple design & high quality finish will make your living room more enjoyable.

3. Load all your CD collection onto the X10

How many audio Cds do you own? About 500Cds, 1000Cds or more? Just load all your Cds onto the X10.

Having uncluttered, you can now scroll your music collection on the X10 with a remote control or a USB keyboard.

Rediscover your music collection that had been kept away for years.

Storage Capacity in relation to the hard drive size & encoding option:

500 GB

Encoding option

WAV (uncompressed) – 650 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 128 k – 7,500 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 192 k – 5,000 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 320 k – 3,000 CDs

1000 GB

Encoding option

WAV (uncompressed) – 1,300 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 128 k – 15,000 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 192 k – 10,000 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 320 k – 6,000 CDs

2000 GB*

Encoding option

WAV (uncompressed) – 2,600 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 128 k – 30,000 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 192 k – 20,000 CDs

MP3 compressed rate 320 k – 12,000 CDs

4. X10 supports various type of audio codec

X10 support MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, M4A, Ogg Vorbis, PCM and Playlist(M3U, PLS)

5. Extension to your existing audio system

X10 has Optical out, Line(AUX)IN, Line out and Speaker connectors.

Just connect X10 to an amplifier with optical audio cable or a line-in cable.

6. Internet Radio

Enjoy internet radio – streaming media as well as dynamic internet radio in .PLS and M3U encoding streams.

Search for favourite stations by continent, country, genre & much more.

Add desired internet radio stations to a favourites list for easy access as well as the capacity to record radio programs.

7. Networking and Music Streamer

X10 can be added to your network through the Ethernet (100Base-Tx/10Base-T) LAN or through wireless network.

X10 supports SAMBA as well as UPnP protocol (server/client).

With the network connectivity, X10 can stream, playback and copy files from a remote computer to the X10.

Any shared folders on your computer can also be viewed on the X10.

8. LP or cassettes

Record your old vinyl and cassettes onto the X10.

The X10 has the capability to add album covers and tag your collection for easy access.

Enjoy the ease of having access to all your music regardless of the format or media type.

9. Connection

1. Power : AC Adapter(24V/3A)

2. Loudspeaker connector : Loudspeaker

3. Headphone output : Headphone

4. Line out : Amplifier

5. Line-in(AUX-in) : Turner/Phono Stage/Turntable Pre-AMP

6. USB host : USB devices

7. USB target : PC

8. Ethernet/RJ45 : LAN

9. Optical out : Decorder

10. USB Host Ports

USB hand-held devices such as memory sticks and Mp3 players are supported by the X10.

Plug these devices into the USB host port of the X10 and have access to your music.