Cocktail Audio UK @ bye from the Gadget Show Live 2014:


Farewell from the Gadget Show Live 2014:

 ‘Props’, ‘much love’ & ‘big ups’ to everyone that visited us (H10) at the GS’14.

We had visitors from Jamaica, Poland, USA, RSA, Ireland, Congo, Spain, UAE & Qatar…

VISITOR (RSA) – “We visited London & had to see the GS’14 too…great show & really like the cocktail audio X30, really cool device…”

VISITOR (Spain) – “My 1st time at the GS’14, but I also wanted to see the new X30, as I already have an X10”


This year’s show didn’t disappoint, had stuff from computing, audio, research technology, newer innovations, eco products, charitable org and much more.  If I had to choose one ‘non techie’ item, it would be the… – Something edgy & ‘sick’ (awesome).

Thank you,

Cocktail Audio UK



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